Envincio - Essentria IC Pro Insecticide - 1 qt

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Featuring active ingredients derived from essential oils and a next gen formulation, Essentria IC Pro insecticide is an environmentally friendly pest control solution. This FIFRA 25(b) exempt solution is formulated with the needs of homeowners, applicators, and growers in mind. This liquid insecticide provides long residual control for a wide variety of listed insects, including mosquitoes, spiders, aphids and more. Essentria IC Pro insecticide features a low fragrance and low phytotoxicity formula with no water setbacks.

Plant-based essential oils have been used for centuries to control and repel insects. Essentria IC Pro insecticide is formulated with botanically derived active ingredients, including geraniol, clove oil and cornmint oil. These ingredients repel and kill a variety of other listed flying and crawling insects.

  • Food-use grade inerts
  • Cannabis, Hemp or unspecified food crop use
  • Livestock premise use
  • Use on and around boat docks
Active Ingredient Sodium Lauryl Sulfate 11.0%, Geraniol 10.0%, Clove Oil 3.0%, Cornmint Oil 1.5%
Target pests

Ants, Aphids, American Cockroach Nypmhs, Box Elder Bugs, Cigarette Beetles, Crickets, Darkling Beetles, Drugstore Beetles, Earwigs, Face Flies, Flour Beetles, German Cockroach, Hemp Aphids, Indian Meal Moths, Millipedes, Mosquitoes, Multicolor Asian Lady Beetle, Spiders, Spider Mites, Stink Bugs

Application dilute 1 to 8 fluid ounces per gallon of water