Bayer - Tempo Ultra WP - 420 gm

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Tempo Ultra WP is a pyrethroid-based insecticide that is highly effective at controlling a broad range of insect pests, especially those found on turf and landscape ornamentals. Tempo Ultra WP provides a fast knockdown and kill and leaves a residual that keeps killing insects for up to 30 days. Tempo WP has a no odor and leaves a clear, almost invisible residue.

Active ingredient:  Cyfluthrin 10%
Pests Controlled: Lesser mealworms (darkling beetles) adults and larvae, flies, wasps, mosquitoes, moths, spiders, ants and other crawling and flying pests
Application Rates: mix 10 grams or 2 scoops per 1 gallon of water. Treats up to 84,000 square feet.
Uses: Animal and livestock housing structures: pet kennels, poultry barns; Food establishments