Lambert - LM-ORG/LM-111 Organic All Purpose Mix - 3.8 cu ft.

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Lambert LM-111 Organic All Purpose Mix is a blend of coarse premium Canadian sphagnum peat moss, chunks and perlite with an organic wetting agent and an extended-release organic fertilizer. Ideal for plants that require good aeration and drainage. Our Best seller in Organic available!

Mix Particle Size Drainage Water Retention
Coarse High



 Components Uses


Canadian sphagnum peat moss (80 - 90%) Bedding plants

Organic components

Horticultural perlite Flowering plants

Certified OMRI

Calcitic limestone Hanging baskets


Dolomite limestone Foliage crops


Organic wetting agent Interiorscapes

Overhead irrigation

Organic slow release fertilizer Large-celled vegetable and plant growths