Lambert - LM3/LM-AP Prof. Growing Media - Loose Fill Soil - 3 cu ft ( Compare to LC1 )

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Lambert LM-3 All Purpose Mix is formulated from a blend of coarse Canadian sphagnum peat moss, coarse perlite and medium vermiculite. With it's high water holding capacity and good drainage, this substrate is an excellent general or all purpose media. A Lambert Classic Mix!

Mix Particle Size Drainage Water Retention
Course Medium Medium


  • Canadian sphagnum peat moss (80 - 90%)
  • Horticultural perlite
  • Horticultural vermiculite
  • Calcitic limestone
  • Dolomitic limestone
  • Wetting agent
  • Starter charge
  • Bedding plants
  • Flowering plants
  • Hanging baskets
  • Foliage crops
  • Cutting propagation
  • Good for mums and poinsettias
  • Versatile mix
  • Sub-irrigation
  • Overhead irrigation