Live Earth - 45% Soil Conditioner (Granular Humates) - 50 lb.

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Live Earth Soil Conditioner is a premium all-natural granular product, which is certified organic and OMRI listed. It is the foundation of all of our humic acid products. It’s essential humic acids naturally promote enhanced soil activity, for healthier roots and plants. The unusually high carbon content guarantees balanced carbon-to-nitrogen ratios necessary for maintaining healthy soil. 

  • For all turf and ornamentals, apply 10-15 lb per 1,000 sq. ft.
  • Water in after application.
  • Product may take several irrigation cycles to completely dissolve, use accordingly on nonaerified putting surfaces.
  • Preplant applications may applied at rates up to 1 ton per acre.
  • Use 5-8 lbs per yard in planting mixes.
  • Apply quarterly or as needed
  • Sulfur(S) 1.50%, Iron(Fe) 2.25%, Humic Acid 45%