Salt Depot - Purple Heat Ice Melter - 50 lb. (49/pallet)

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Salt Depot is the original manufacturer of this Best Seller! Well known across the US as the “Purple Stuff;” Purple Heat is an 8% magnesium blend and will melt down to -15ºF / -26ºC. It contains a purple, organic, non staining dye for controlled application. Purple Heat is safe on concrete and is pet and environmentally friendly with suggested application.

- Melts Ice down to -13°F / -25°C
- Not Recommended for Water Softener Use
- Safer for Concrete
- Melts Faster than Rock Salt
- Creates Instant Traction
- Ideal for Residential and Commercial Application
- Not Harmful to Vegetation
- Mag Chloride Blend (92/8)
- Purple Non-Staining Dye for Controlled Application

Active Ingredients:  92% sodium acetate, 6% magnesium chloride, 1% calcium chloride, and 1% potassium chloride

Sold by the bag. 49/pallet