Redmond - Conditioner Bagged Salt - 50 lb

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Redmond Conditioner is a great foundation to your mineral program that can help save money and simplify your life at the same time. It adds over 50 natural minerals to any feed ration and is a great additive to help control moisture content and improve digestibility of nutrients. Conditioner is for all classes of livestock and has been used for generations on many herds.

Redmond Conditioner is light gray with a sand-like consistency. Conditioner is OMRI listed, and ideal for feed mixing.

Guaranteed Analysis Max. Min.
Calcium 5.0% 4.0%
Phosphorus  0.04%
Salt  3.5%  2.5%
Magnesium  0.8%
Potassium  0.7%
Sulphur  0.08%
Carbon  21,900 ppm
Copper  20 ppm
Iron  3900 ppm
Manganese  400 ppm