Oakdell - Organic Compost - 1 cu. ft.

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This is the only organic poultry compost listed for organic use and produced in Utah. It is rich in nutrients and essential organic matter that helps your vegetables, flowers, trees, and lawn grow beautifully. It is chemical-free and safe to use around kids and pets. Oakdell compost has a medium to dark, rich brown color, and a fresh earthy smell.

Compost can help your garden, flowers, trees, and grass grow more efficiently by progressively improving soil quality, reducing soil compaction, increasing water retention in the soil and reducing fertilizer demand. This organic compost is a great solution to give your lawn a boost for the winter months. 

 Application: For soil enhancement, evenly mix one inch into three to four inches of soil, or evenly spread 1/2 inch on the top of an existing bed and water it in. For existing lawns, evenly spread 1/4 inch over the top and water it in. 
Ingredients: Local organic straw, wood chips and shavings, organic poultry manure, humic acid, and other carbon sources.
Application Tips: 1) Don't plant directly into compost - it is not a potting soil and you must mix it with 3-4 parts of soil 2) When used as a top dressing, be sure to till it in a little with soil or when you water so it doesn't form a hard crust.
Coverage Two one-cubic-foot bags should cover 100 square feet, or about a 10’ x 10’ area.