Albaugh - Agri Star Landmaster - BW - 2.5 gal

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Landmaster BW is a post-emergence herbicide for control or suppression of emerged weeds in fallow and reduced tillage systems, pasture and rangeland, airports, dry canals, industrial plant sites, parking areas, schools, storage areas, farmsteads, ditches, fencerows, roadside and highway rights-of-way, other public areas, and similar industrial and noncrop sites.

Landmaster BW can also be applied prior to planting or emergence of wheat, barley, corn, oats, rye, or sorghum (grain or forage), through hooded sprayers between rows of corn, as a spot treatment in corn, sorghum forage grasses or forage legumes, as a preharvest treatment in wheat, and as a postharvest treatment following grain harvest.

Active Ingredients: Glyphosate 12.9% - 2,4 D 20.6% 
Application: Use 1-4 pints per acre
Controls: Brome, Cheatgrass, Foxtail, Cocklebur, Puncturvine, Kochia, Barnyardgrass, Purslane, and more