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Water Storage Solutions

Water is a precious commodity, especially in the Mountain West area. Farmers need it for their crops, ranchers for their livestock, homeowners for their plants and lawns, and of course, we all need it to live. Storing this water can become especially important and Steve Regan has a full assortment of above and underground storage and septic tanks available.

Water Tank Tips

Plastic storage tanks can be very useful for rural living such as at a cabin or ranch. You can use them for fire suppression, septic needs, or storing liquids such as drinking water. Follow these tips to get the most out of your tank.

  • Watch for sun. Sunlight can damage tanks over time so try to place your tank in the shade if possible. 
  • Keep it level. Your tank will be more sturdy if you can level the ground it is on before you place the tank. 
  • Know your needs. Keep in mind things such as if you'll need to move the tank periodically, and what materials you may want to store. This will help determine the type of tank you need to buy.
  • Keep it clean. Once or twice a year, you will want to clean your tank. Use about once tablespoon of chlorine for every five gallons of water in your tank to sanitize the tank.

Common Tank Uses

While a plastic tank may seem like a simple item, there are actually many types of tanks depending on how you need to use the tank.

Fire Suppression - Fires are always a worry for cabin owners and anyone living near the mountains. Use a high capacity tank to store water to make a defensible space around your buildings and property. Be sure to use a bare ground herbicide to control vegetative growth around structures which will also aid in fire suppression.

Rainwater Harvesting Rainwater harvesting is becoming very popular in both rural and urban areas. You can use this rain water for watering your plants and gardens as well as watering your pets and livestock. Set up a vertical tank around your rain gutters for easy water collection.

Hauling Water Farmers and ranchers frequently need to haul water to their livestock that are far from a water source. Leg tanks, and elliptical leg tanks are great options for this since they can transport large amounts of water in a safe manner.

Drinking Water Storage Many people like to keep extra water to be prepared for emergencies. You can keep the water in an emergency water storage tank or a vertical tank around your home. While water doesn't go bad, it can go flat if it sits for a long time which changes the taste. Shake the water to get air in there so it tastes normal again. Most people replace the water once or twice a year.

Wastewater Storage If your home is in a rural area or you have a cabin you will probably need a septic tank for your sewage. Plastic septic tanks are an easy and affordable option for taking care of waste from your home.

Tank Styles and Applications

Follow this guide to choose the right tank for your needs. If you have questions about which tank is best for you, our specialists at Steve Regan can help you decide what tank will work for your needs. 


Type of Tank Sizes Available

Common Uses

Our Recommendation
Verticle Tanks 50 Gallons - 3,000 Gallons

Water storage, other liquids

Norwesco 50 gallon tanks are a popular size for everyday storage purposes
Septic Tanks 500 gallons - 1,500 gallons

Storage of waste water for rural areas and cabins

Norwesco 1,250 gallon septic tanks work for most common household uses
Pest Control Operator Tanks

30 gallons - 300 gallons

Pest control liquid transportation and spraying

Norwesco 100 Gallon PCO tanks are a popular option for pest control professionals
Leg Tanks 35 gallons - 725 gallons Transporting water to different locations Norwesco 225 gallon leg tanks are good for hauling water
Elliptical Tanks 200 gallons - 1,600 gallons These are best for hauling large volumes of water Norwesco 1,035 gallon tanks are popular for large water hauling operations
Home Storage Tanks 35 gallons - 500 gallons Emergency prep,water storage WaterPrepared 160 gallon tank gives you enough water storage to last for days 


Using Your Tank

Once you have a tank that works for your specific needs, you will want to make sure it's set up properly. Make sure the area you are using is level and tie the tanks down if necessary. Learn how to properly clean your tank so it will last longer and you don't have issues with bacteria and algae. Check your local regulations for using storage tanks on your property. If you need help with how to use your tank, give us a call at 800-888-4545 and one of our tank specialists can help you out!