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The Gallagher A600 Garden and Backyard Protection Electric Fence Kit is an easy, affordable do-it-yourself electric fence that protects a 50' x 50' area with three adjustable wires. This kit contains 8 posts, 40 clips, 1 ground rod, an S6 Energizer, and 656' of polywire to cover up to 200 ft of garden and lawn area.

The Garden & Backyard Protection Kit safely deters deer, rabbits, raccoons, dogs, and other domestic and non-domestic animals. It is harmless to people, pets, and wildlife. Anything looking to go over or under the electric fence will feel a mild shock causing them to look for easier foraging grounds or to find other routes. Set up for this electric fence is easy It is essentially tool-free and can be installed in 1-hour or less. The fence is adaptable and can be used for many different purposes.