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NFZ Pufffer is indicated for treatment of eye and ear infections in dogs and cats. Also for treatment of surface wounds, cuts, and abrasions.

0.2% Nitrofurazone in a water-soluble base

FOR EYE INFECTIONS IN DOGS AND CATS: Shake or rotate to loosen powder. Remove cap and squeeze container to force a stream of powder directly into the eye. Repeat treatment daily. If there is no improvement after 4 days, a new diagnosis should be made or a veterinarian consulted.

FOR EAR INFECTIONS IN DOGS AND CATS: Clean out inside of ear and ear canal with prepared cotton swabs, which may be obtained at any drug store and are best for cleaning out the ear canal. Shake or rotate to loosen powder. Insert nozzle of container into ear canal and squeeze twice. Repeat daily until improvement is noted.

FOR SURFACE WOUNDS, CUTS AND ABRASIONS: Shake or rotate to loosen powder. Apply daily until danger from infection is eliminated or until healing takes place.